Leaving the ground and entering the fantastic world of flight is a metamorphic experience. It completely alters your perspective of earth, of life and of your own small role in this tapestry of existence, which spreads to the wide horizons below you.

Whether you pilot your own aircraft, or fly for a living; whether you move those little blips around in your ATC centre, whether you build and maintain or simply dream of aircraft – this blog is about you.

I have flown for thirty-eight years. I have flown many types, both fixed wing and helicopter; flown aerobatics, charter, military and airline ops – and still I am filled with wide-eyed wonder every time I take off. I have instructed and trained and learned more than my students in the process.

My name is Eon de Vos and I trust that you will enjoy some of those experiences and lessons learned on the pages of this blog.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in these posts are my own and do not reflect that of my full-time employer or that of any other party. Where reference is made to others or their work, credits will be used wherever possible. Any links to other pages or sites posted in my blogs are used by readers at their own initiative and risk and I assume no liability whatsoever for the use of such links.


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